Trumpeter Swans Take Flight

We were not pioneers ourselves, but we journeyed over old trails that were new to us, and with hearts open. Who shall distinguish? -- J. Monroe Thorington

In 1972, my interest in photography was sparked after I began mountain climbing in the Oregon Cascades. Since then, as an avid climber, skier, hiker, and backpacker, I have extensively explored and photographed in the western U.S. and Canada, and Alaska. My photography and writing have appeared in publications of the Alpine Club of Canada, Explore Magazine, Nature Magazine, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, The Sierra Club, Skiing Magazine, The Spokane Mountaineers,The Spokesman-Review Newspaper, Spokane-Coeur d'Alene Living Magazine, and The Wilderness Society. I have been a finalist in the 2007 Environmental Photography Invitational and 2008 International Conservation Photography Awards.

My photography would not be possible without the love, support and companionship of my wife Diane. Together we have shared more than forty-five years of life experiences and exploration of wild areas.

My photography is dedicated to my parents, John and Prudence, who nurtured my appreciation for the outdoors, my brother Peter, the memory of Mark Skinner with whom I learned the way of the mountains, and all who appreciate and work to preserve the environment and public lands through their foresight and efforts -- past, present and future.

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